sexta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2017

Flowing in colours...

Everything was black and white...
Almost grey sometimes - and he used to remember of the 50 shades although
he found that stupid just didn't know why.

It was just one more mistake
And we are not meant to guess them
Specially when we are givers
We use to take broken things to fix.

But most of the time we end up
broken ourselves as you can't fix people!
I understand it very well! And it's fine...
It's going to be a big lesson later on.

In the worst way It's at least a bad exemple.
In the middle of this mess they decided
They had enough! Just one more try, why not?
They weren't so pessimistic anyway
He thought he was, but there were still hopeness.

No matter the scars, there was still a flame.
He couldn't see... But it was throbbing Inside
They were screaming to be loved in silence.
A dinner wouldn't be too be bad for the first.

He chosed her favourite as good gentleman
The stared each other and shake hands...
She found so cold and far! But nothing to say
He smelled a lot better than the food!!

They laughed then she went closer-asked a hug.
That's the way we "shake hearts" in my city.
She held all his energy and that moment.
And he might had felt so surprised but so nice!

They kept laughing and decided to further.
So spontaneous they left there holding hands.
Nobody noticed but it just felt so warm.
The date ended but they wanted some more...

"Bring me with flow" he said the taxi driver.
The driver asked "- But where? He: "anywhere!"
He drove from a cozy place nearby the coast.
That felt quite romantic in fact. Flowing...

The waiter just arrived: they look at each other
He:"A red wine please!" She:"A glass of water!"
She couldn't stop looking at that blue eyes
His words his kind way to hold her hands...

The hugs felt so nice and they had a lot more.
Was fun - Flowing such a natural connection.
Time went so fast, the pub were closing.
But they still had a sit beside the sea.

She was cold and he enjoyed huging more...
They hug really tight this time...
She felt so warm! They start to stare each other!
He came close she said yes with her eyes...

They just kissed. Flowing...Listening to the sea.
They wanted to keep flowing...
They kept holding their hands all night.
The water from the sea wasn't enough...

They wanted a rain shower but that was so cold.
She wanted him to keep warming her all night.
She thought about a hot shower... But how?

Every single minute couldn't be wasted far from each other... So she asked to go with him.
He just trusted enough to say: "Come with me"
She felt so safe in that hug. So warm.

The water just flowed around her cold body
He wanted to be there so they huged again.
Then the water was flowing showering that hug... that felt natural amazingly intimate.

Then they dried each other... Carefully
But she was still so cold. The hit wasn't enough.
So he held her in the bed kept warming..
That hug felt like an eternity moment...
And they just feel asleep...

Morning she felt he was far...
He take her hands - she kissed him, that blue eyes was so beautiful - she kissed deeply.
And after that they never stop flowing

They kept taking every single day...
She knew he had a history behind that blue eyes
Although it hurts... It would hurt more to be far.
They wanted to keep each other in their lives.

Love can hurts sometimes but she can't be half.
We should feel alive in a colourful life.
She needs to be patient and brave now.
And he needs just to be brave - don't be afraid.

They both need to learn about love.
They used always to feel lost and half.
Now world just feel different.
Fulfilled by new feelings.

Now it's becoming easier to learn how to love theirselves, before was hard to recieve.
But they both like looking after each other
It's almost the perfect combination, it flows.

They are discovering: they can find each other inside ourselves because when they make love they feel almost like one. He look at her lips
And she just can't stop looking at his blue eyes...

Although they are still lost...
They are just realising how they can understand a lot because it doesn't feel like "half" anymore
They've been fullfilling their worlds with love.

The things are making more sense toguether.
They are being the best version of theirselves.
The gaps in his life are becoming smaller.
She can feel the sense of unknown thoughts.

She went back crossing the Atlantic ocean.
And since that night she had lost all her control
She can't help feeling struggle in his arms.
They need to feel each other again... Again!

They're becoming better now
And they just keep flowing..
Not surviving, anymore
But in a colorful way - living!

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